The past few years, I think you’ll agree,
Have been tough ones, but good for KCSC.
With our busy lives we sometimes lose track,
So it’s good to stop and take a look back.

We started the year with the goal to be
A fantastic National Specialty!
We’d been working hard for several years
But that didn’t assuage our financial fears!

In February we planned an activity
Of canine all-breed agility!
We laid out our money and held our breath
To see if our club would pass the test.

Lisa Marzban, the wizard of planning, it seems,
Had done her homework and assigned her teams.
Betsy and Stephanie, of “Hat Ladies” fame,
Were excellent hostesses at our agility games!
It was sure a long weekend, but strike up the band—
I think that it raised us about seven grand!!
If you were a worker, I think it’s time now
To stand up and take a well-earned bow!

A number of members—you know who you are—
Worked in March and April to take our club far.
The grounds, the trophies—there was so much to do—
We had Tawn and Jan to get us through.
They met each week and worked so long
Just to make sure that nothing would dare to go wrong.
And let’s not forget—we wouldn’t get far
Without our dependable Eileen Parr!
And Sandra and Steve—kudos to each,
For they turned a plain meeting room into a beach!

Finally, May 7th, with no time to rest,
It was time to welcome KCA to the West.
The names of the people who set up the show
Just won’t rhyme in this poem—it’s OK, ‘cause they know
That their hard work paid off, and before it was done
Our Specialty weekend was second to NONE!
Anna Marie, our artist, took such special care
Producing the artwork that the country now wears!
We sold t-shirts and sweatshirts, and aprons to boot—
And we didn’t complain when we raked in the loot!

June and July we just muddled through—
We welcomed the Shorts—Bob, Barbara, and Q!
The dog cake with candles that had to be blown
Was supplied by new member, Christa Sheek, and Simone!
Christa was learning quite quickly, I know,
Why we spend our weekends going out to the shows.
She’s a pretty quick study, she’s learning the ropes--
And for therapy Simone gives those sick children hope.

Betsy and Stephanie deserve their own verse—
But for them KCSC would be much the worse!
They play hostess at trials, at meetings, at shows—
They’re hard-working members—all clubs need more of those!

August, September—and man, was it hot!
But that didn’t damper our spirits a lot.
We still went to shows and had lots of fun—
We enjoyed all the members who found they could come.
Betsy, Stephanie, Sandi Kerr—these three
Had developed a webpage for KCSC.
It’s a sight to behold, one of which we are proud—
And it’s envied by the national Keeshond crowd.

October brought a sight to see—
Nine Keeshonden in agility!
We met in the morning and looked quite svelte—
But after a few runs we started to melt!
It was over 100—so you’ll understand why
Not even one of them could qualify!!
Betsy took photos, put them up on the ‘net—
A couple are moves that we’d like to forget!

November came—it was time for the truth—
What we’d need for our “Meet the Breeds” Keeshond booth.
It was more than we thought—it was getting quite late—
Then Eileen and Ethie stepped up to the plate.
They arranged for an artist—Bob Short agreed—
And with Barbara he painted the props we would need.

December arrived—and the Classic was here!
It was in California for the very first year!
Our booth was a beauty, and so were our dogs—
‘Though we didn’t win it’s because we were robbed!
(And here’s the place where I’d like to say
A heartfelt thanks for your support that day!
To show Alex and win was I goal that I had,
And with all my friends watching he wasn’t too bad!)

I can’t possibly write a poem with the names
Of all of the people who are bringing us fame.
Penny and Laura, Holly and John—
We don’t always see them but they’re cheering us on.
Sande and Jan and Delaena and Joyce—
They can’t come to the meetings, but it isn’t by choice.
Joanie and Jim, Kristen Cullen and Jan
They do things to help out whenever they can.
Karen and Lewis—the Lustmans, you know—
Will soon have Jake back out at the shows.
The Freelands and Rita, and the Gibbermans too,
Can’t make all the meetings; when they can, then they do.
Brian and Sandi are busy as bees
Just doing lots of stuff for KCSC.
Sandra and Steve I would never snub
For they’re integral members of our Keeshond club.
Lisa Marzban has worked very hard, you’ll agree,
Pulling us into agility.
Lynnette and John Monday live so far away,
But they come to some meetings and they even stay!
Susan McCoy, our Rescue Chair,
Has got to be drowning in Keeshond hair!
For she has many fosters that she must comb
And get them in shape for their forever homes!
Lani McKennon we don’t see too much,
But with email she manages to at least keep in touch.

Of Marla’s presence we’ve long been deprived,
But I hear her new baby’s finally arrived!
Sharon and Jack, of Van d Pier fame,
Are known to our members, albeit by name!
For she’s into Rhodesians, and with them she’s pleased—
But she’ll soon be out showing her new co-owned Kees!
Paul Salerno’s a saint—in case you don’t know—
And he’s always so helpful at our specialty show.
The obedience ring requires so much care—
I arrive with the trophies and he’s already there!
I’ve spoken of Stephanie and Betsy (and Sam?)—
We all depend on their hostessing plans!
There’s another member who’s always there
When you need her—give up?—it’s Tawn Sinclair!
She’ll rescue and foster, and do more than enough—
I don’t know how she manages to fit in that stuff!
Linda Weiss, you’ll absolutely agree,
Adds so much with her calligraphy!
Rondi and Karl are oh so pleased
Helping Susan McCoy with the Rescue Kees.
President Ethie has worked very hard
Starting with the garage sale we held in her yard!
And I hear the Wildensteins—Mel and Dee—
Will soon be heading to Tennessee.
They’ve bought lots of acres and can hardly wait
To make their new home in the Volunteers’ state!
Kim Winch helps with Rescue; Kathy Kondor does too
They offer to do anything they can do.
We’ve got even more members of Associate type
But since I never see them it’s too hard to write.
They do donate to trophies and they do love the breed
And I wish I could rhyme more so that they could read
Their names in my poem, but it’s not to be
For it’s come to an end, this year 2-0-0-3.
I hope that I mentioned each name this time
It’s so hard, you see, to make each one rhyme.
And I’m happy to say I won’t have to write more
Until we are finishing 2-0-0-4!

Happy New Year, Everyone!