It was Christmas Night as I sat in my den
Thinking of what a quick year it had been!
It seems that the year ‘05 just arrived
Yet in only a week more it will have just died!
So I sat and I pondered with my hand to my chin—
Could I possibly create a year’s end poem again?
I finally decided to give it a try,
So read on, dear members, of the year just gone by!

First I have to pay homage to a member we know
Who works harder than most for our Specialty show!
She sure makes a great raffle, and we really are blessed—
Her name’s Christa Sheek, in case you haven’t guessed!
She collects some great stuff, and it surely does seem
Like she’s thinking up baskets each night as she dreams!

Betsy and Stephanie have earned KCSC
A gold star for our hospitality!
Whether at our show or at our trial
They are there to serve with their regular smiles!
Right now there are puppies at the Winans’, I hear—
Will a new one be shown in the upcoming year?

Since Nob and Irene have joined our crew
They have fit in so well they don’t even seem new!
Did you know Nob’s an artist, a true Renaissance man?
And Irene’s a real Harley-Davidson fan!
Each week Nob and Candide are out having fun—
But Irene and Keanos will soon give them a run!

Laura and Penny were unfortunate folk
Who had to deal with Mother Nature’s bad joke!
After the fires last year they missed the mud
But got home one day to a horrible flood!
But Tubby and Scottie and Pebs were OK,
That’s what’s most important, wouldn’t you say?
To make up for the bad stuff, Scottie, the star,
Went out and won majors—three of them, so far!
(By the way, that’s enough! Don’t you even care
That you make friends and keep them by learning to share!! ;-)

Erik and Angela Freeland we know
Have been so busy that they rarely show—
They’ve got two little boys, so their spare time is dear—
But they haven’t left dogs, so let’s get that clear!
Both dogs are now loving the agility game,
And now BOTH dogs sport “Champion” in front of their names!

Susan McCoy also lived through a household disaster
And it went on so long she feared it would out last her!
She’s now living in Texas—specifically Rhome—
Where she’s set up a Keeshond retirement home!
Keeshond Rescue in her life’s a big part
‘Cause the homeless fuzzies still fill up her heart!

Lisa Marzban’s had quite a year—
At one point it filled with a great deal of fear;
For Kayla was ill and the docs had no clue—
To make her get better, what should they do?
Well, Kayla decided on her own one day
To get better so she could again go and play!
So the veterinarians may have been stumped,
But Kayla’s back out there taking the jumps!

Our members the Ransoms, Anna and Ed,
Have added a lot to our group, be it said.
Maggie and Keegan are now all grown up,
So it just seemed right to keep a new pup!
So Ruby’s now practicing, doing her thing—
And I’m sure before long she’ll be out in the ring!

Barbara and Toni have their own style
When they turn up each week at agility trials!
They bring most of the “kids,” both Shelties and Kees,
Jett, Kori, and Turbo bring the rest to their knees!
They all race around, barking out loud,
Entertaining the Kees group, as well as the crowd!

The Parrs this year, both Jim and Eileen,
On occasion have been seen inside of the ring.
Confetti and Tag have made themselves known—
It’s no wonder the Parrs’ pride is quite overblown!
They brag for these two, plus Disco and Tuff—
For their wonder puppies they just can’t say enough!

And speaking of proud, new to our Kees clan
Are the newest members, Clark and JoAnne!
They bought just one puppy—you know what came next—
Clark started showing, and you all know the rest!
They’ve come pretty far from that first ring foray
And they will be getting those championship points any day!
At Nor-Cal they sure caught the judge’s glance—
‘Though the dog’s name is “Disco,” Clark’s the one who can dance!

Tawn’s new love is Tuffie, and John feels the same—
In fact, it was he who gave her her name!
She’s already a champion, showing just a short while—
And she’s now going to debut at an agility trial!
Through Rally she breezed, earning that first RN—
(No, she isn’t a nurse, that’s a title you win!)
She’s had lessons in tracking, and I hear she’s quite good—
If she had to track Tawn down there’s no doubt that she would!
Now, if only she’d learn how to follow dial tones
She could finally find some of Tawn’s stolen cell phones!
(Oh, JD’s now in the Utility mix,
Proving you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!)

Rita and Joyce have been seen at some shows—
What they do for the most part I think that I know.
Rita’s with grandkids, they grow up so fast
Just like puppies, you blink and their babyhood’s past!
Joyce has retired, she’s got time on her hands—
I hear she’s now subbing in between doggie plans!
I’m jealous, you know, that she’s sleeping in late—
5:15 every morning I’m out of the gate!

My friends the Lambrights, both Sandra and Steve,
Have had a tough year end, I do believe—
They just lost “Michael,” of Barker Brother fame,
And ‘though he’s not forgotten, it’s just not the same.
But Sandra’s success has been going quite a while
Showing Parker in breed rings and Andre at trials.
Making Parker a champion was more than OK,
But the best titles are Andre’s AX, AXJ!!

Ethie Wilson’s another whose year has been hard,
Beginning with Mari’s bad fall in the yard.
It happened so quickly, a yelp and a fall,
And suddenly Mari could not move at all!
The quick trip to the surgeon turned out to be sweet
When after eight weeks she was back on her feet!
But the joy was soon tempered when the first of the “kids”
Niki, the eldest, was lost to the Bridge.
’05’s been a Tough one, with a capital letter—
’06 is soon coming—it’s bound to be better!

Jan Corrington’s been busy all year it seems,
Besides winning points with her Kees in the rings.
She was crushed when she found she had injured her knee,
Which kept her from playing in agility!
She bred Teri and Harley to Scottie and Jett,
And from two sets of puppies she’s not recovered yet!
But Harley is dragging Jan back into the trials,
For she doesn’t like puppies, she likes jumping with style!

We’ve all missed the Kerrs, both Sandi and Brian,
I hear they’ve been busy with family and flyin’.
Our wishes are with you, we look forward to when
You’ll be able to join us at a meeting again.

Lynnette L. and John felt they needed more space,
So they took the plunge and built a new place.
It involved living with friends until their house was done
And for people with dogs that is not always fun!
They finally moved into their home, and it’s great—
But the problem is now they are in a new state!
NV to AZ is not far, heaven knows,
But they’re both pretty far from our Southern Cal shows!
So we don’t see them much, and I’ll just have to say,
Hey, Lynnette, give a holler when you head out our way!

The Pierces you’ll remember, both Sharon and Jack.
They own Morie with Tawn and for a while they were back
In the Keeshond ring, where they really belong,
But now Morie’s a champion—that sure didn’t take long!
So they’re now showing Ridgebacks, a pretty large breed.
I don’t know how they do it—just imagine their feed!
I’m sure Morie is queen there, the whole place she runs,
After all, she’s a Keeshond, a breed known for fun!

Lately from Barbara and Bob there’s no word—
I think they are traveling, at least that’s what I heard!
But I just can’t imagine what those two would do
If they ever were parted from their buddy “Q”!
Does he have his own passport? Does he stay at home?
I would bet on the former, ‘cause “Q” won’t stay alone!

Although Barbara Brown is seen at the shows
An obedience lover she is, as you know.
Last year at our trial she showed both Toots and Kandi
And their brace performance was certainly dandy!
People chuckled to watch them, their faces turned red--
For Kandi did “DOWN!” sitting on Toots’ head!
It takes lots of courage to take Kees in the ring,
For Keeshond obedience is not a sure thing!
But Barbara just watched her Kees with a smile,
For Kandi had already won High in Trial!

Of course you remember Linda Weiss?
Her kennel name’s “Panda” and she’s real nice.
She still has some Keeshonds, but dressage is her passion.
Invited to Spain, she put all of her class on!
She rode in a castle in Spain, and I hear
It was one of the highlights of her competitive year!
She ranked very high in the US, and then
Of the amateur riders she placed in the Top Ten!
If the Wildensteins’ Christmas letter is to be believed
Then TN is like heaven and they’ll never leave!
They live in a small town and everyone knows
Everyone else, and there are some dog shows.
They spend long days at auctions and meeting their neighbors
And they seem to enjoy their retirement labors.

Some members I’ve not seen in a year and a day—
I think of them often and wish there were a way
To bring them all together, it would be really fine,
But their lives are so busy that there just isn’t time.
Paul Salerno is well, so his email stated.
The Frasers’ absence cannot be overrated.
The Bundsens—Sande, Delaena and Jan—
Are still up in WA showing when they can.
Chris Blom is still painting and making her art—
Of Keeshond history she is a part!
There are still some of us who knew Ernie and Fran,
Honorary members of our Keeshond clan!
Kim and Mike Toepfer may soon be seen more—
Kim was seen with a puppy leaving Jan Corrington’s door!
Rondi and Karl (the Tylers, you know),
Still have some Keeshonds, but they never show.
They have taken in rescues, and horses they own,
So they keep pretty busy with those critters at home.
We don’t see Lani too much—when we can
She’s helping at ringside, handing out our armbands.
Or perhaps she is judging, ‘cause she does that fine.
To Sand & Sea she gives lots of time.
I hear from her once in a while,
And when she’s at shows you’ll know her by her smile.

Now, what’s happened at Winsome in 2005?
Well, each dog we began the year with is alive!
There were puppies and breedings done from “cool send”—
Those didn’t all work, but we’ll try them again.
The dogs all seem healthy, and that is a blessing—
As for what’s up with Ready, well, he keeps me guessing!
One day he makes contacts and stays in the ring,
Then the next he’s off flying and doing his thing!
There are few at the trials who don’t know of his fame
‘Cause I’m usually chasing him, calling his name!
I just know he’ll surprise me when we’re running some day,
Earning new Excellent titles, AX, AXJ!
As for now, Rio’s training and he looks pretty good,
So Ready’d better behave like a good Keeshond should!

So I’ve finally come to the end of my poem—
It’s no longer Christmas, which is why it’s so long.
To fit in each member is just no small feat,
Especially when keeping the rhyme and the beat!
If I have forgotten to put in your name
Please don’t take it personally, it’s just that I’m lame!
Some people are tough ones to fit into verse
And to make up some drivel would just make this worse!
If you want to remind me to add a few lines
Just drop me an email, I’ll try harder next time.
‘05’s just a memory, ’06 lies ahead.
We’ve the future before us, and I know it’s been said
That life’s what we make it, so please make it good.
Have a wonderful New Year, as you know you all should!