On the week before Christmas, I sat rubbing my chin
Wondering, could I really do this again?
My mind was all muddled, could it come to be?
Could I come up with a poem for KCSC?

It’s become a tradition, and one I now rue—
But I sat at my laptop to see what I could do.
One look at the membership list caused such pain—
I just couldn’t think of a rhyme for those names.

For our club keeps on growing, and this would be fine
If it were only easy to come up with new lines!
But I buckled right down and started to type,
Just knowing my poem wouldn’t come out quite right.

If you want to try to decipher this ditty,
I invite you to try it—but it may not be pretty!
And instead of each individual’s name
I’ll write of the Club and the whole Keeshond gang.

In January we all worked very hard
Holding our Specialty in our own backyard.
Our entry was good, our trophies were great—
As usual, our show was purely first rate!

February came, we didn’t do much—
With the Fairplex we couldn’t get in touch.
‘Though agility is often run in the rain—
It’s not so great on a rainy flood plain!

March and April went by really fast
A number of members started Rally class.
Our agility team was gaining some fame
Learning how to run trials for the upcoming games.

Then came May, the National show— (pictures)
So up to Vancouver we all did go.
Ed and Anna were glad that they went—
They won the room raffle and they won the tent!

Keegan, Alex, and Lexi won some fame—
The Awards of Merit included their names!
And Clark and JoAnne were pleased as could be
When Disco was Best Opp in Futurity!
The agility raffle was also real keen
Most of it came home with our agility team!
Other members did very well too,
I think Betsy came home with the only Q!!

Tawn went to obedience and really cleaned up
With the Jett-man, and Kori—oh, and that Tuffie-pup.
They all won in Rally, they showed what they could do—
But the best part was Kori in his new summer ‘do!

Nob and Irene were both pretty proud
For Candide was running with a pretty nice crowd!
He was in the Top Keeshond event, and our squad
Made sure to support him—did you hear us applaud?!

Through June and July we stayed pretty quiet—
But what Stephanie said nearly caused us to riot!
She wanted us to be in a contest, you see—
“Meet the Breeds” for Eukanuba and AKC!

So Stephanie, Bob and Barbara got started
Creating a concept that we could be part of.
The envisioned windmills, barges, and songs—
Well, we got two of the three, so they weren’t too wrong!

Meanwhile, it was August, it had been quite a while,
But we held our now-annual agility trial. (pictures)
We got a nice entry—some pretty nice runs—
The Kees didn’t Q, but we sure had our fun!
Other breed folks kept saying—and not just for this rhyme—
“Those Kees people and dogs sure do have a good time!”

The summer had flown, it was already September—
At Santa Ana we gained some new members.
Sandy and Charlene have now joined our team—
And Charlene is the new raffle basket queen!

October came and October went—
I can’t even remember how it was spent!
I know there were trials, and I know there were shows—
But my poor old mind wanders, I don’t know where it goes!

November we couldn’t get a meeting together
Due to the shows, the trials and the weather.
But things were different in dear old December—
‘Twas a month a few of us are sure to remember!
Eukanuba/AKC Meet the Breeds
Was a great experience for KCSC. (pictures)
The members who built it, the members who came,
It was truly the best of the dog show game.
If you didn’t see it, I feel sorry for you
For our Second Place was better than Blue!
Our group came together, our booth was the seed—
And we proudly represented the Keeshond breed.

As for the breed as a whole, there’s good news.
We’ve a genetic test getting rave reviews!
Our breed’s in good shape—so let’s keep it that way;
Breed the best to the best if the vets say OK!
(If you think that my topic here’s started to roam,
It’s not just my opinion— it’s also MY poem!)

So that is the year in review this time
I hope your memories are as fond as mine.
There’ve been good times and sad times throughout ’06,
These are just a few I’ve been able to pick.

May’ 07 be good, may your ribbons be blue—
Happy Holidays from Winsome to each one of you!