It was Christmas morning when I woke up to find
I’d not started this poem—it had just slipped my mind!
I was talking to Sandra and she said with glee,
“Do you have your poem yet to email to me?”
It was then I remembered, and I had quite a doubt
As to whether or not I could crank this poem out!
It’s become a tradition, yet I don’t know why--
But I’ll do my best to make this thing fly!

It was January ’07, remember back then?
We were planning TWO specialties and trophies to win.
The members pitched in, it was quite an event—
Pollo Loco and wine—how quickly they went!
Charlene’s basket raffle was something to cheer
As Barbara Lombard played the auctioneer!
Again we made money, as we always do—
We supported the Health fund and Rescue too!
So, members, pat yourselves on the back—
Not many clubs can successfully do that!

In February through June we got our fill—
Of the anti-breeding Assembly bill.
We met, we made plans, we wrote letters, and then
It was pulled—but now we must do it again.
There’s always someone trying to spoil our fun,
But if we all work together we can squelch this one.

Then suddenly the summer was here.
No rest for the weary—that would soon be clear.
Stephanie, Betsy, and the Shorts had a plan
To do “Meet the Breeds” in December again.
They all worked for months—they were driven, those four—
And in time KCSC was victorious once more.
Those Keesie Dutch Masters were a sight to behold
The judges just loved them—and I’m even told
That our Super Group I nearly went Best in Show—
But one judge had a cairn— he was partial, you know.
So I wonder what those four will come up with next time
To win the big prize to put into my rhyme?

That wasn’t all that we had on our plate--
Our agility trial in August was great.
Our Kees were superb—well, at least they had fun
As they always do when they go out to run!
The exhibitors just laugh when our dogs do their antics
As we run behind them, just shy of a panic!
But we did the breed proud, it was easy to see,
Adding $500 to our treasury!

I’m sure there was more, it’s been a full year
And it’s hard to believe that New Year’s is here!
So what will 2008 have in store?
Just tune in next year and I’ll tell you some more!

Happy New Year to all of my Keesie friends
And this poem’s finally done, right before the year ends!