The Keeshond

The Keeshond is an active, friendly, playful dog that requires human companionship. Ideally, males should weigh 40-45 lbs. and stand 18" at the shoulder, while females should weigh 30-35 lbs. and stand 17" at the shoulder. The breed is very adaptable, but it is definitely not for everyone. Keeshonden require weekly brushing, although they don't need frequent bathing. A Keeshond left in the backyard is an unhappy dog that is likely to become a nuisance barker. We recommend that people unfamiliar with the breed attend a club meeting or dog show in order to meet reputable breeders and get answers to their questions.

2020 Specialty

Results from KCSC concurrent Specialties and the Long Beach Kennel Club  from Saturday, January 11 and Sunday, January 12:

KCSC Specialty - Saturday results

Long Beach KC - Saturday results

KCSC Specialty - Sunday results

Long Beach KC - Sunday results