KCSC strongly recommends that you acquire a puppy from a reliable breeder. To ensure that only the best dogs are used for breeding, reliable breeders exhibit their dogs in AKC Conformation Shows where they are evaluated for soundness of structure and conformation to breed standards. By carefully breeding show-quality dogs to other show-quality dogs, the health and quality of the breed can be maintained. Not all pedigreed dogs are breeding quality! Breeding non-show-quality dogs increases the incidence of health problems such as painful arthritis. Even though you may just want a pet puppy and not a show dog, we still recommend buying from a show breeder as your best chance to get a healthy puppy with a good temperament. Do NOT buy a puppy from:

  • a pet store. Pet stores usually buy from puppymills, which breed litter after litter for maximum profit regardless of the health of the animals. 
  • a newspaper ad, unless the breeder can show that he or she is a member of their local breed club, most of the ancestors in the puppy's pedigree are AKC champions for at least four generations (preferably, the sire and dam should be AKC champions), and you verify that the dam and sire are certified as free of hip dysphasia with the OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. (Go to ofa.org to verify OFA numbers.)

The KCSC Breeders Committee can provide more information on available puppies. All KCSC members have agreed to abide by the Keeshond Club of America's Breeders' Code of Ethics. (KCSC provides breeder information for reference only and not as a recommendation. Remember that dogs are living creatures and no one can guarantee they will be free of health problems.)

Committee member     Kennel Name       City                             Phone                         Email

Kris Arnds                         Winsome                Mission Viejo       (949) 586-5989     karnds@aol.com

Jan Corrington               Kemont                  Claremont            (909) 626-6962     jacorrin@outlook.com

Tawn Sinclair                  Shoreline               Malibu                    (310) 457-3569     tawnsinclr@aol.com

Are you sure you want a puppy?
Puppies are adorable and fun. It is fascinating to watch them grow and get to know their unique personalities. And it is very rewarding to nurture their loving, trusting young spirits as the bond between you develops. But all puppies, of all breeds, require a great amount of work. No matter what breed of puppy you have, you should be prepared for:

  • Play time – Puppies need to play with you or another dog. Puppy energy and behavior can last two years or more. Adult dogs are much calmer and require less playtime and physical activity-type attention.
  • House-breaking – This could take just a few weeks or it may take months.
  • Teething – Puppies lose baby teeth and grow adult teeth just like human children. During that time, they are particularly likely to chew anything they can get hold of.
  • Socializing – Puppies do not come out of the box knowing human rules or language. Be prepared to teach them what they are and are not allowed to do.
  • Training – Take your puppy to puppy obedience classes. Most classes are held once a week for 6 to 8 weeks. Your puppy will benefit from continual reinforcement so he doesn’t forget the skills he learned in class.
  • Grooming – Train your puppy to be used to grooming. Handle them: play with their paws, mouths, and ears, turn them on their backs, etc. Brush them, trim their toenails, bathe them, and brush their teeth.
  • Crates, toys, chews, vet visits – These are the usual expenses of owning a puppy.