Finding Your Lost Dog

Hopefully, you will never have to endure the panic, fear, guilt, and worry of having a lost dog. But dogs do go missing. There are many ways they can get lost, including squeezing through a hole in the fence that looks way too small, jumping or climbing over a high fence, slipping out an open door, and a hundred others. It may not be your fault at all, but even the most conscientious owner can make a mistake. If it does happen, there are a number of steps you can take:

  1. Contact your breeder. Even though you may feel guilty and embarrassed, call anyway! The important thing is to get your dog back. Your breeder has a network of contacts that can help you. If your breeder is unavailable, call someone on the KCSC Breeders’ Committee. You want to get as much help as you can.
  2. Walk around your neighborhood calling the dog’s name and listen for answering barks.
  3. Drive around your neighborhood, slooowwwly, in your car. Most dogs will come running if they hear their "own" car engine and it seems to carry farther than your voice.
  4. Print up flyers with your phone number in large numbers (see sample) and post them in
    - your neighborhood, especially around schools, parks, playgrounds, and churches.
    - supermarkets.
    - veterinary offices.
    - pet stores.
  5. Talk to and give flyers to
    - postmen.
    - firemen.
    - policemen.
    - utility people.
  6. Check your local animal shelter, but also check shelters in neighboring areas. Check daily and visit them, if you can. Don’t rely on shelters to contact you. Remember, it may take days or even weeks for your dog to end up in a shelter. Also, be sure to check the hospital area of the pound in addition to walking the runs. The dog might have been picked up after being injured.
  7. Place ads in every local paper.
  8. If you have moved recently, also check in your old neighborhood.